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Forest & Ai | 14 | Happy (o^v^o)

These are my pictures! You can redraw my characters, give me critique, etc. If you got any questions ask me.
If you redraw my characters give me credit. Also if you like my content, please fav my picture and don't be afraid to slap that watch button. Haha! Thank You Guys For Your Support And Understanding!
Forest & Ai
Icon By JollyHolly08


Full Traditional Wallpaper
These pictures take longer, more work, skill, and material. It's highly detailed. Colored or not it's the same price. This takes a lot of time, materials and close detail. Shading is enhance, wrinkles, and more.
Digital Art
This is a difficult to do and takes a while to make. It'll have a background. This is for any character you want. It'll be more detailed than other detailed than other digital art. Having a background, or extra details like more than one character, full body, loose hair, and more.
Digital Banner
It'll have a little tag of your character's name, it'll be a head shot with a little design for decoration. It'll be lineless.
Traditonal Full Body
A more human-anime body. Colored or not it's the same price.
Mini Gifs
Pixel Gifs You can get, these take a while, but not very long time.
Traditional Head Shot
Colored in or not it's the same price. It's more detailed in the face and hair.
Traditional Chibis
Colored or not I will draw a chibi at the same price. Head is bigger and body looks smaller.
Custom Reference OC Sheet
A custom reference sheet for your OC done in digital art! It's the same price colored or not.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


(You guys are going to see a new me)

I don't play no games, like she coming around trying to fuck with me, bursting in the bathroom while I'm in there because she mad I didn't get a paper towel for her dumbass. Like she a fuckin idiot. Literally, her grades throughout her life are so low Satan has them shits. That's why she went to a school where the janitor raped a girl in the middle of the fucking hood. And you cry and whine how you deserve better and how you hate the school and BITCHING AND MOANING! Then she has the fucking balls to call me immature, when she body shames little girls, and boys. Why are you even looking at fucking 9 year old bodies like that. You ain't getting shit and it aint none your business. SO shut the fuck up, your opinion don't matter. No one is gonna listen to your bullshit. Then she comes up in her and claim every game system and manga our dead uncle gave to us. Such a hoe she is.

AND Let me tell me she's a DUMB ASS. Like I use the same tactics and she still haven't figure shit out. Like I know she has a big mouth and can't control her fucking body for shit so, I just "complain" to one of my parents saying something like "Can you teach my older sister what manners are?" and she'll respond. Because she can't keep her ass shut and then she gets in trouble and I ain't get shit. BITCH IS AN IDIOT. All In Caps: I-D-I-O-T. She's DONKEY OF THE DAY because she's a dumb ass.

Like sometimes I wish I didn't persuade her to run away. Because she was about to. 3 Times. BUT that's how it's like when you got a dumb ass, edgy, teen, who has no life ahead of them. WATCH, when I grow up she'll be begging me for money and I gonna say "no" because I don't want her in my life anymore. I never wanted her in my life since what 5th grade. Now I'm in the 9th or can be considered 10th grade. Yeah, I'm sick of her, and I want her out my life.

I don't want to live with a girl who makes jokes that past it's limit, I don't want to live with a dumbass, I don't want to live with a girl who trashes her room when she doesn't get her way, I don't want to live with a dumb ass, I don't want to live with a edge lord, I don't want to live with a possessive bitch who claims everything, I don't to live with her anymore. And my parents wonder why I want to live in a dorm when I go to college.

OH AND BY THE WAY, She's like 19, and I'm 15. So she's a man child basically. I can't call her a woman or a lady.


TheLilAnimator has started a donation pool!
104 / 5,000

~If you love my work, or my personality and want to give me something, you can come here and donate points. Or you bought an adopt or a commission you can com here to pay. I do appreciate everything I get, even if it is a point or a 100+ points. I truly appreciate everything you guys given me. And I thought I could never get this far. And I do thank you in anyway possible. I would probably thank you so much I would as you if you want me to draw a picture for you. Since you gave me recognition I want to give recognition to you for simply donating. Thank you for your understanding. ~:thumb678711950:

-Kitty Page doll- by Rololi

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